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We are in a housing crisis due to irresponsible, backward-thinking, exclusionary zoning.

East Bay for Everyone is the organization that gets the votes and opens up opportunities for housing. We have championed approval for over 2,000 homes just in Oakland in the past nine months on a shoestring budget, and now we are ready to expand.

Housing is a human right for every family and we must employ every means available to secure it. East Bay for Everyone needs funding to tackle the housing crisis throughout the whole region, from Oakland and Orinda to Berkeley and Walnut Creek.

Up until now, we’ve been an unfunded volunteer organization sustained by members donating supplies out of their own pockets and their hearts, but we’re growing and need support to help us achieve our goals of vibrant, inclusive communities. People saying no to new neighbors, housing, and public transit is what got us here in the first place. Help us push back and say YES!

Your donations go a long way towards powering our organizing efforts to bring housing justice to the East Bay and every dollar counts.

Your patronage will help us pay for:

  • Educational events
  • More political action
  • Organizers
  • Office space

East Bay for Everyone is a California public benefit corporation registered as a 501c4 with the IRS. EIN: 82-2606296 Donations are not tax deductible.

Our current goal is to afford paid organizing staff by raising monthly donations to $2,000/mo. Every dollar counts.

Sign up for a recurring monthly donation to East Bay for Everyone and help us secure the human right of housing. For everyone.

Current Progress:

$1,000 / $2,000

Volunteer with Us!

Time is a precious resource and we want some of yours. There are many opportunities to volunteer with EB4E. Join us and Show Up for housing!

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