We’re moving the East Bay Forward, Together

East Bay Forward is a network of citizens fighting for the future of housing, transit, tenant rights, and long-term planning in the East Bay. We believe in more housing, more renter protections, better public transit, and better infrastructure.

Flex your civic muscle

We’re active and everywhere. Find us at community meetings, Zoning Boards, Planning Commissions, and your local City Council meetings. Read up on what we do and where we go.

Regular meetups

We host monthly meetings every second Wednesday in Oakland and occasionally a weekend meeting every third Sunday in Berkeley. If you’re into procedure and direction-setting, join us. We also try to have fun events like happy hours or karaoke nights every once in a while. Event details are in the calendar.

What’s going on:

We are most active in the cities of Alameda, Oakland, and Berkeley but we’re working to build a base of pro-housing advocates who believe that density is good, displacement needs to be stopped, housing is a home, and that we need more of it – especially in the long run. As more people join from each city, we can expand our work. Read our full platform.

Housing over Views

The City of Oakland has had a long-running affair with the idea of protected view corridors across Lake Merritt. What exactly are view corridors? Below is a rendering the City of Oakland produced during 2010 Planning Commission discussions about protected view...
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Join us at Rockridge Out and About!

Mark your calendar: September 17th, 2017. We'll be running a table at Rockridge Out and About, the annual street festival in Rockridge. Come visit us where we'll be teaching folks how they can Show Up for Housing in Rockridge!
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Wednesday: Share El Dorado at #oakmtg

On Wednesday September 6th, The Oakland Planning Commission is considering a small project at 581 El Dorado Avenue. This is part of the Piedmont Avenue area which is one of the more expensive neighborhoods in the region. The neighborhood is generally zoned RM-2 which...
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Tonight: Walnut Creek ADUs and the Alameda Planning Board

Two big actions for housing are happening tonight. First, the city of Walnut Creek is set to vote on legislation to bring the city in compliance with California state Accessory Dwelling Unit law. Walnut Creek ADUs Accessory Dwelling Units, sometimes called granny...
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Bay Area Rally Against Hate

August 27th starting at 10:30am, join people from all walks of life - the people that make the Bay Area what it is - at the Bay Area Rally Against Hate in Berkeley. East Bay for Everyone is proud to stand among many other social justice and liberation groups in the...
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We’re moving forward, for everyone.

East Bay Forward has some great news to share. We've incorporated as a public benefit corporation in California as part of our work to become a 501c4 non-profit! As part of the incorporation, state law compelled us to adopt a new name that doesn't conflict with the...
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Solidarity with the Oakland Warehouse Coalition against Danny Haber

The Oakland Warehouse Coaliation has been building a body of evidence against the disturbing behaviors of Oakland serial landlord Danny Haber and his development group The Negev. East Bay for Everyone has submitted a letter to the City of Oakland in support of their...
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Header photo by Jef Poskanzer