We’re moving the East Bay forward, together

East Bay for Everyone (formerly East Bay Forward) is a network of people fighting for the future of housing, transit, tenant rights, and long-term planning in the East Bay. We believe in more housing, more renter protections, better public transit, and better infrastructure.

Flex your civic muscle

We’re active and everywhere. Find us at community meetings, Zoning Boards, Planning Commissions, and your local City Council meetings. Read up on what we’re up to these days.

Regular meetups

We host monthly meetings every second Wednesday in Oakland and occasionally a weekend meeting every third Sunday in Berkeley. If you’re into procedure and direction-setting, join us. We also try to have fun events like happy hours or karaoke nights every once in a while. Event details are in the calendar.

What’s going on:

We are most active in the cities of Alameda, Oakland, and Berkeley but we’re working to build a base of pro-housing advocates who believe that density is good, displacement needs to be stopped, housing is a home, and that we need more of it – especially in the long run. As more people join from each city, we can expand our work. Read our full platform.

SB827 in committee today! Call now!

SB827 is getting its first hearing in the State Senate today! The Housing and Transportation Committee meets this afternoon starting at 3:30pm. The live stream will be available on CalChannel at the anointed time, so tune in then! East Bay for Everyone is asking you...
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Support SB827 – Call your state senator!

The 2018 legislative session is in full swing. Now is the time to tell your state senator about SB827 and give it the support it needs to pass! The bill is being heard tomorrow at the Transportation and Housing committee, and we need to make sure it gets through...
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Wednesday Planning Commission – 1261 Harrison – Do this thing today!

Howdy. What are you doing this Wednesday evening? You should flake on it. East Bay for Everyone is asking you to come to the planning commission instead. Wednesday, March 21, 7pm. While the commission actually starts at 6:00pm, we don’t expect public comment to begin...
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An Update on North Berkeley BART

Now that we have more information, it looks like the March 15th meeting is more of a chance to learn technical information from BART. Everyone is encouraged to come to listen and express themselves as individuals, but we're not going to be brandishing signs or...
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Tonight: Support housing at Alameda Point!

Tonight, 7:00 PM, the City Council of Alameda is considering an extension to the development agreement between the City and Alameda Point Partners to allow Eden Housing, a non-profit member of the development team, to secure their affordable housing financing. East...
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Sign this letter: Ask BART to support SB827!

This Thursday morning at 9:00AM is a meeting of the BART Board of Directors where they will be considering adding support of SB827 to their legislative advocacy agenda. Sure, but what does that mean? Nearly every public agency in California has a legislative advocacy...
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Save The Date: #UpzoneNorthBerkeley BART, March 15th

Councilmember Maio and Mayor Arreguin of Berkeley are officially organizing a community meeting for March 15th to discuss increasing housing density in the area around North Berkeley BART. East Bay for Everyone has been agitating over this issue since our earliest...
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Thursday: Stop Big Pot Evictions

This Thursday at 5:30pm, the Oakland Cannabis Regulatory Commission is holding a hearing on the impacts of commercial cannabis operations on the city’s housing supply. While everyone loves pot (or at least the 65.2% of Oaklanders who voted for Measure Z love pot),...
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East Bay for Everyone – The Birthday Party

East Bay for Everyone is turning two years old! Our canonical anniversary is on February 20th. This year we'll be celebrating it at Spats in Berkeley, February 20th, 7pm to 9pm. There will be cake! And drinks! And food! Come join us as we celebrate our achievements so...
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Downtown Oakland Specific Plan – Next Week!

Via the city's mailing list: The City of Oakland has recently announced the next set of Downtown Specific Plan Public meetings. The Neighborhood Design Sessions are hands-on workshops that will pin-point the assets, the challenges and the opportunities for change in...
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Header photo by Jef Poskanzer