East Bay for Everyone (EB4E) is a membership organization in Alameda and Contra Costa counties devoted to making our cities more just and inclusive through land use, housing and mobility reform.

Berkeley City Council District 4 (D4) is the heart of Berkeley. It’s where dense & missing middle housing as well as public transit and bike facilities have existed for decades. It’s one of the best places to live in the East Bay without a car since it has access to so many amenities and mobility options. Berkeley D4 has also been a housing production engine for the city over the past ten years with thousands of new rental units. For these reasons it’s important that Berkeley D4 be led by someone who supports inclusive land use, housing and mobility policies.

For these reasons East Bay for Everyone is therefore proud to endorse Rubén Hernández Story #1 and Igor Tregub #2 for Berkeley City Council D4. 

Rubén Hernández Story #1

We like that Story supports the 3 Ps when it comes to housing policy: Production, Preservation and Protections. Story wants to facilitate housing production through land use changes to allow a greater diversity of housing choices as well as supporting the Bay Area Housing for All regional low-income housing bond. That bond also supports preservation policies to stabilize filtered rental housing through nonprofit and community purchases. Finally, Story supports tenant protection policies like rental assistance and eviction defense counsel. 

On mobility, Story clearly values alternative modes of transportation and safe streets. He wants better pedestrian and bike facilities for Berkeley and wants to reduce violent vehicle crashes. Story also wants to improve AC Transit bus service through street design and furniture.

Igor Tregub #2

We really like Tregub’s approach to mobility that emphasizes the need for safe streets for all ages and abilities. His experience working regionally on different issues, including with AC Transit, means that Tregub has a head start in terms of working with the different regulatory and funding stakeholders to improve street design and mobility services. 

While Tregub has previously expressed some doubts on the efficacy of land use changes EB4E is very happy to see him embrace zoning, parking and other reforms to provide abundant and inclusive housing. Tregub’s aforementioned experience working on regional issues also means that he can be a strong voice in Alameda County and at MTC for increased state capacity, more funding for services and construction to deliver the permanent supportive housing that is necessary to end homelessness in Berkeley. 

Do Not Rank – Elana Auerbach

EB4E has tried to refrain from anti-endorsements in its nine years (with one exception in the Oakland Mayoral race in 2022). We do not do so lightly. 

Elana Auerbach’s candidacy is in stark contrast to every other candidate in the race. While some candidates may emphasize rent control or energy policy more than land use reform, Auerbach’s campaign is singular in its opposition to changes to the built environment necessary for more affordable, socially inclusive, and more climate-friendly living. Auerbach’s vision for Berkeley prioritizes the comfort of Prop. 13 squires from having to see a new apartment building rather than people that want a safe, short commute to work or school and an affordable place to live.