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Membership in East Bay for Everyone is open to, well, Everyone! East Bay for Everyone members are committed to upholding our platform of housing justice, our own Code of Conduct within the organization, and above all else: the only rule of East Bay for Everyone is Show Up.

Joining EB4E is easy! Simply sign up for a monthly dues subscription. The recommended subscription is $25/mo, and we operate on a sliding scale; Nobody is turned away from EB4E membership for lack of funds.

East Bay for Everyone is a California public benefit corporation. We are currently in the process of establishing 501c4 status with the IRS; this means that your donations are not tax exempt.

Your dues and donations go a long way towards powering our organizing efforts to bring housing justice to the East Bay. It will help fund:

  • Our Organizers
  • Office space
  • Online infrastructure
  • Educational events
  • Political action

East Bay for Everyone appreciates your contribution. It couldn’t happen without you.

Showing Up

Showing up with East Bay for Everyone means giving public comment at meetings, attending those meetings and supporting fellow housers, writing letters, signing letters, canvassing neighborhoods, talking to your friends, family, colleagues about housing, holding your elected representatives accountable for their votes, helping craft policy, collecting data, designing posters, taking pictures, making tools, anything and everything you can think of that will make finding housing in the Bay Area less of a nightmare.

Our members are artists, activists, techies, teachers, public servants, lawyers, freelancers, and more. We all contribute in whatever way we can because we can’t imagine sitting back and doing nothing. Sound like you? Join us.

Our Code of Conduct

We have a Code of Conduct. Members are required to agree to it, and we strictly enforce it. Give it a read.

Can't commit to membership?

Membership in East Bay for Everyone is not the only way you can support us. We have other contribution options available if you’re looking to make a one-time or recurring donation without the responsibilities of membership.
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