Election 2020

Welcome to the home for East Bay for Everyone’s endorsements for the November 3, 2020 election. Expect this list to grow as our members consider and vote on endorsements for key races. A larger slate of endorsements will be released in early 2020. Have questions? Want to get involved? Join us to be a part of this process!

National and Statewide Elections

President and Vice President, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Rep. Barbara Lee for US Congressional District 13

California State Legislature Elections

Senate Races:

Scott Wiener for Senate District 11

Nancy Skinner for Senate District 9

Assembly Races:

Asm. Buffy Wicks for Assembly District 15

Asm. Rob Bonta for Assembly District 18

Asm. David Chiu for Assembly District 17

Local/Regional Elections

AC Transit Directors:

AC Transit At-Large: Victoria Fierce
AC Transit Ward 1:
Ben Fong
AC Transit Ward 2:
Jean Walsh

BART Board of Directors:

District 1: Jamie Salcido
District 3:
Rebecca Saltzman
District 5: Steven Dunbar
District 7: Lateefah Simon

Emeryville City Council:

John Bauters
Ally Medina

Oakland City Council:

At-Large: Derreck Johnson (1) Rebecca Kaplan (2)
District 1:
Steph Walton (1) Dan Kalb (2)
District 3:
Lynette Gibson McElhaney
District 5:
Noel Gallo
District 7:
Treva Reid

Berkeley City Council:

District 2: Terry Taplin (1) Alex Sharenko (2)
District 3:  Deborah Matthews (1) Ben Bartlett (2)
District 5: Todd Andrew

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board:

Andy Kelley
Xavier Johnson
Leah Simon-Weisberg
Dominique Walker

Alameda City Council:

Jim Oddie
Malia Vella

Walnut Creek City Council:

Michael Samson
Justin Wedel

State Ballot Measures

Yes on Prop 15: Schools and Communities First
Yes on Prop 16: Affirmative action
Yes on Prop 17: The vote for parolees
Yes on Prop 18: The vote for 17-year-olds in primary when they will be 18 at next general election
Yes on Prop 21: Expand local governments’ authority to enact rent control
Yes on Prop 25: Uphold law replacing cash bail with risk-based assessments
No on Prop 22: Exempt app-based companies from providing employee benefits to drivers
No on Prop 20: Restrict parole, increase sentences for some offenses 

Alameda County Ballot Measures

Yes on Measure W: sales tax to address homelessness

Alameda City Ballot Measures

Yes on Measure Z: repeal the Apartment Ban

Berkeley Ballot Measures

Yes on Measure GG: TNC Tax
Yes on Measure II: police accountability
Yes on Measure MM: tenant protections

Oakland Ballot Measures

Yes on Measure S1: strengthen the civilian police commission

Curious about why we endorsed the way we did? Read all about it