Two big actions for housing are happening tonight. First, the city of Walnut Creek is set to vote on legislation to bring the city in compliance with California state Accessory Dwelling Unit law.

Walnut Creek ADUs

Accessory Dwelling Units, sometimes called granny flats, backyard apartments, or guest houses have potential to produce hundreds of thousands of much needed homes state-wide. Every city is required to pass a local implementation of zoning and planning regulations that are in compliance with state law.

In Walnut Creek, legalizing Accessory Dwelling Units are coming up for approval tonight. ADUs are an easy way for cities to allow infill development, and are something EB4E is strongly in favor of. If you can make it, please come!

If you live in Walnut Creek, show up to the city council chambers at 6PM and check-in with Ellen Teapot. She’ll get you acquainted and help you fill out a speaker card. View the full meeting agenda on the city’s website here.

Alameda Planning Board

In less welcome news, the Mayor of Alameda is planning on putting two new people to the planning board, Alan Teague and Patricia Lamborn, who do not appear to have the background we would like for addressing our critical housing shortage. Alan Teangue, in particular, seems to lie heavily on the slow-growth side. A writeup of the two candidates can be seen on Lauren Do’s blog. An excerpt:

Which makes one — and by “one” I mean me — wonder if the first two names were meant to be the trial balloon and the nominees she really wants are the two that are up for consideration now: Patricia Lamborn and Alan Teague.  Alan Teague recently wrote a letter against the renters’ M1 ballot measure.  I believe he’s also very closely affiliated with the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society, so you can kind of, sort of guess the direction that his votes probably would lean.

Tonight, Alameda City Hall, 5:30 PM. Check in with Paul or Angela when you arrive.