The Education Working Group meets weekly to create educational materials about the housing crisis. We’re building a comprehensive collection of resources in a variety of mediums that can be read on our website, printed and brought to events, and shared externally.

Right now, our main focus is to create documentation on many different topics, including: “How Fees and Delays Make Housing More Expensive” and “Why Transit and Housing Go Hand in Hand”.

Volunteers select a topic that they’d like to work on, then research and compile easy-to-read documentation. Down the way, we’re planning on designing infographics and posters for many, if not all, of our topics.

In addition to these longer-term goals, we’re currently working on a zine titled “How Does Affordable Housing Happen?”.

We’ve worked on this during the last couple of Education Working Group sessions, with the following work flow:

  • Create a list of steps that must be completed to finish an affordable housing project
  • Write out details for each step, describing in detail what each step entails
  • Assign pages to working group members to design rough drafts, complete with graphics and captions
  • Prepare final drafts for printing, with our Education Co-Chair Kieryn handling most of the drawing and design
  • Print, cut, and staple the final version of the zine, ending with it ready for distribution!

If you’re interested in joining us, or have ideas for how we could make our work better, we’d love to bring you on board! Come to one of our working sessions at 2044 Franklin St, Oakland, CA on Tuesday evenings from 7-9:30pm.