This week, the Berkeley Planning Commission is considering an outright downzoning of West Berkeley. Tonight at 2044 Franklin, we’ll be having a sign making party and working on our strategy for this Wednesday. Starts at 6pm and we’ll be open until 9pm.

We’ve written about this before.¬†This is our next opportunity to fight a reckless downzoning of West Berkeley. The earlier we can shut it down the better. If the planning commission does not reject the idea this Wednesday, it’ll make its way to the Berkeley City Council for a final vote.

What you can do right now

Write the Berkeley Planning Commission secretary and let them know that a downzoning in West Berkeley is a huge step backwards for household affordability. Fewer family-sized homes in West Berkeley means fewer Berkeleyan families in what is becoming one of the more expensive neighborhoods. It will only serve to further perpetuate segregation by income.

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Send your letters to:

What you can do tonight

Show up to our sign making party! Starts at 6pm at 2044 Franklin St, Oakland.

What you can do on Wednesday

Make plans to show up to the North Berkeley Senior Center at 7pm to give public comment. East Bay for Everyone is organizing a big turnout for the night. Flake out on whatever it was you were planning on and speak out against this reckless and harmful idea. You won’t be alone and hanging out at planning commission meetings with other EBFErs is always a good time.