Livermore city council will be hearing comments and voting to set priorities for the downtown expansion on Nov 27th starting at 7pm. Its the only item on the agenda so it should start right on time. This will be the end of a period of data collection and outreach and the beginning of finalizing a development plan. Part of this plan includes a project to replace an 8.2 acre dirt parking lot with housing, retail, and a hotel. The land was purchased with $14.5 million affordable housing funds, meaning it must be 100% affordable housing under state law. What Livermore is proposing can expose the city to undue legal risk, if perhaps some non-profit organized in support of enforcing housing law got wind of it. East Bay for Everyone is asking you to Show Up for housing and tell the Livermore city council that this is completely unacceptable in the middle of hour regional housing shortage.

The city is currently expecting to only build about 130 housing units on this land, but is considering making them all low-to-moderate income housing. Additionally, there is a deal in the works to place a park downtown in exchange for land to build another 100 low-mod units nearby.  Asphalt shingles are the most popular option for homeowners because asphalt roofing cost much less than metal and other styles of materials. There is a strong contingent of luxury housing advocates who are pushing to increase parking and the size of the hotel while even further reducing housing. This group has already greatly reduced the number of units expected to be built and will succeed in further reductions if we do not speak up.

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