Join East Bay for Everyone and Tech Equity Collaborative for a housing policy panel and debate with your candidates for State Assembly District 15.

The rent is too damn high. Wealth inequality is at its highest in ages. We are experiencing a brutal shortage of affordable places to live, resulting in intense gentrification, displacement, and even diseases once thought eradicated in the United States. California’s housing shortage is our biggest barrier to a fair, just, more equitable future. Families are suffering from longer commutes that keep them away from their kids. Millennials are putting off starting families since we have no space to grow. Minority populations are taking the brunt of these burdens as long-time communities are disrupted by rising rents pushing people further away from the Bay Area.

The Golden State is losing its luster and we need to do something about it, now. This panel will offer you an opportunity to hear your future state representatives lay out their housing agenda. Light refreshments will be provided.

Assembly District 15 represents Berkeley, Richmond, and a portion of North Oakland in our statehouse.

The discussion will be moderated by Connor Dougherty, the New York Times journalist behind in-depth reporting on the housing crisis with articles such as The Great American Single-Family Home Problem.

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Candidates confirmed are:

  • Dan Kalb
  • Ben Bartlett
  • Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto
  • Owen Poindexter
  • Judy Appel
  • Jovanka Beckles
  • Buffy Wicks
  • Cheryl Sudduth

Submit us some questions you’d like to hear them answer! We’ll be selecting and voting on questions in early January 2018. Fill out this form if you’ve got a burning question to ask the candidates, or if you want to volunteer for the event.

We will be sending the candidates questions in advance, so they can prepare a well-thought answer instead of some off-the-cuff soundclip-worthy #content.

Entrance is free, but hosting events like this is not. All donations will be split 50/50 between East Bay for Everyone and TechEquity Collaborative to cover costs. Noone turned away for lack of funds!