This Thursday morning at 9:00AM is a meeting of the BART Board of Directors where they will be considering adding support of SB827 to their legislative advocacy agenda.

Sure, but what does that mean? Nearly every public agency in California has a legislative advocacy agenda. It is a straightforward document that guides an agency’s advocacy and lobbying activities in Local Politics; in this instance, we want BART to support SB827 – Senator Wiener’s Transit Rich Housing Bonus program.

It makes sense! SB827 is intended to increase housing density around transit stations, and BART just so happens to run a bunch of transit stations that apply. However, it isn’t guaranteed!

Do this one thing, now

East Bay for Everyone, YIMBY Action, and California YIMBY have co-authored a letter of support for the BART resolution in support of SB827. It is hosted on YIMBY Action’s website, where you’ll also find the form to add your signature. We will be presenting this letter along with everyone’s signatures this Thursday morning at the BART meeting. If you’re able to attend the meeting, come and show your support!

Sign The Letter!