Tonight, 7:00 PM, the City Council of Alameda is considering an extension to the development agreement between the City and Alameda Point Partners to allow Eden Housing, a non-profit member of the development team, to secure their affordable housing financing.

East Bay for Everyone is asking you to show up tonight in support of the 800+ homes, 200 of which are affordable. If Eden Housing misses their funding deadlines, those 200 affordable homes won’t happen, not to mention the rest of the housing proposed.

Why does this matter?

Affordable housing financing is very tricky, often with hard deadlines. Missing an application deadline means no money for affordable housing. Pretty straightforward.

If Eden housing doesn’t get their funding application submitted in time, the chance of ever seeing affordable housing at this site slides down in to the region of “impossible”. Thats not good!

If you can’t make it tonight, e-mail the Alameda City Council today with your support of extending the Development and Disposition Agreement (DDA) to bring 200 affordable homes to a former military base. Its like hammering swords to make plowshares but for housing!


E-mail Alameda City Council!