Now that we have more information, it looks like the March 15th meeting is more of a chance to learn technical information from BART. Everyone is encouraged to come to listen and express themselves as individuals, but we’re not going to be brandishing signs or stickers or going around posting flyers or handing out leaflets. To be clear, East Bay for Everyone has not proposed any specific design or specifications for this site.

After the March 15th town hall, we’ll plan to calibrate a strategy based on what information is shared by BART and what concerns neighbors raise. Going forward it’s important to bring in existing supporters as well as those who might be on the fence, expressing the economic, societal and environmental benefits of transit-oriented development and infill in general.

EBFE is committed to a vision for our cities that is welcoming to all and to creating a supportive, safe, welcoming environment for all in the political discourse that will define our cities’ futures. Just like the EBFE Platform defines a vision for our cities, the EBFE Code of Conduct describes the expectations of our members. Disagreements will happen and it’s important to criticize and analyze ideas, not people.

Remember: March 15th, 7-9pm at Berkeley Adult School Multi-Purpose Room. Enter from Curtis or Francisco. Arrive early as this is sure to be a well-attended event.

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