The 2018 legislative session is in full swing. Now is the time to tell your state senator about SB827 and give it the support it needs to pass! The bill is being heard tomorrow at the Transportation and Housing committee, and we need to make sure it gets through safely. The broader YIMBY Party coalition is organizing a sacramento lobbying day for May 14th, so mark your calendars!

In the meantime, there is work to be done! We wrote about SB827 back in January when it was first introduced. Since then it’s been amended to include right of return, explicit provisions to ensure local demolition and inclusionary zoning controls remain intact, and various other tweaks that are good for renters. has also been updated with these new provisions to provide a more accurate visualization of its effects across the state.

California YIMBY has put together a wonderful tool you can use to call your senator without having to look up their phone number!

Call your senator!

East Bay for Everyone covers the entire East Bay, meaning your senators are likely to be one of:

Passage of SB827 is not guaranteed! Even if you think your senator supports it-even Nancy Skinner, the bill’s co-author-we need to give them support and thank them for their work!