SB827 is getting its first hearing in the State Senate today! The Housing and Transportation Committee meets this afternoon starting at 3:30pm. The live stream will be available on CalChannel at the anointed time, so tune in then!

East Bay for Everyone is asking you to call in to the members of the committee today with words of support and to ask the committee to vote Yes on moving it forward. Even if your senator supports the bill already, and even if you don’t live in their district, the following members need to hear from you why SB827 is a matter of statewide importance and that you want to see it passed:

  • Wieckowski – 916/651-4010
  • Beall – 916/651-4015
  • Cannella – 916/651-4012
  • Allen – 916/651-4026
  • Dodd – 916/651-4003
  • Gaines – 916/651-4001
  • Calgiani – 916/651-4005
  • McGuire – 916/651-4002
  • Morrell – 916/651-4023
  • Roth – 916/651-4031
  • Skinner – 916/651-4009
  • Vidak – 916/651-4014
  • Wiener – 916/651-4011

Senator Wieckowski is the swing vote, meaning call his office first. Members of East Bay for Everyone are in Sacramento today to testify in favor of its passage, and they’ll need your help by calling in!