This is our list of top picks for the Nov. 6th election. Our members voted, and this reflects the top choices for each race.

Statewide Offices

  • Vote Gavin Newsom Governor
  • Vote Eleni Kounalakis Lieutenant Governor
  • Vote Buffy Wicks for Assembly District 15

Ballot Propositions

  • Vote yes on prop. 1: $4B affordable housing bond
  • Vote yes on prop. 2: $2B for homelessness prevention
  • Vote no on prop 5: Cynical self-serving real estate industry measure to expand Prop 13
  • Vote no on prop 6: Dangerous proposal to cut road maintenance and essential transit funding
  • Vote yes on prop 10: Repeal Costa-Hawkins, allowing cities to expand rent control

Regional Measures

  • Vote yes on Measure FF: Renews funding for regional parks

BART Board of Directors

  • Vote Mark Foley District 2
  • Vote Robert Raburn District 4
  • Vote Anu Natarajan District 6

AC Transit

  • No endorsement for at-large


  • Vote Libby Schaaf for Mayor
  • Vote Courtney Ruby for Auditor
  • Vote Abel Guillen for District 2
  • Vote Nayeli Maxson for District 4
  • Vote Marlo Rodriguez for District 6
  • Vote yes on Measure W: Vacancy Tax to fund homeless services
  • Vote yes on Measure X: Transfer Tax for general fund
  • Vote yes on Measure Y: Increase tenant protections in 2 and 3 unit buildings
  • Vote yes on Measure AA: Parcel tax to fund early childcare and college access


  • Vote Rashi Kesarwani District 1
  • Vote Greg Magofña District 4
  • Vote Rigel Robinson District 7
  • Vote Lori Droste District 8
  • Vote yes on Measure O: Parcel tax for housing bond
  • Vote yes on Measure P: Transfer tax for homeless services
  • Vote yes on Measure Q: Rent control with 20 year phase in and ADU exemption
  • Vote yes on Measure R: Vision 2050


  • Vote Marylin Ezzy Ashcraft for mayor
  • Vote John Knox White and Jim Oddie for city council
  • Vote no on Measure K: Locking in 2016 rent-control vote