Displacement through residency is as important to stomp out as displacement through culture and business in Oakland.

East Bay for Everyone demands that Oakland Police cease and desist from discriminatory policing of the New Karibbean City nightclub through revoking its permit. The blatant discriminatory nature of the demand to remove Hip Hop events and blacklist artists is clearly targeted against Black Oakland’s spaces and entertainment. The crime statistics show a clear decline in crime in Downtown Oakland over the years, and several of the cited incidents against New Karibbean City happened outside the club with no proven connection to the club.

This revocation is part of a desire to remove the remaining elements of Black culture out of downtown through police-invoked gentrification. Among the late night attendees have included some East Bay for Everyone members, who note there are metal detectors and safety logistics already in the club. The owner states it’s a necessary precaution for safety and it works. This space is a cultural icon of Oakland’s Hip Hop and reggae scene and it deserves to remain un-harassed. We believe attempts to long shut down New Karibbean City are hostile provocation by people who are uncomfortable with mostly Black Oaklanders partying and enjoying themselves.

The police department handled this situation wrongly by demanding a permit revocation, rather than discussing any concerns and managing them on respectful grounds with the club owner and nearby club and dancehalls. Black and brown spaces of leisure and entertainment deserve the same respect predominantly white establishments and their clientele receive. With the added recognition of their contributions to Oakland throughout the years.

Oakland City Council must restore the permit to New Karibbean City immediately.