The results of the EBFE endorsements vote in the AD 18 special election and gubernatorial recall election have been released. With 60% of the vote, EB4E has voted to endorse Janani Ramachandran in the AD 18 special runoff election on August 31. Ramachandran has experience with legal advocacy for tenants and supports much greater investments in affordable housing. Ramachandran agrees with EB4E on several specific policies, such as adding bus lanes to the Bay Bridge and the repeal of Article 34 which requires cities to approve new affordable housing through a ballot measure.

With a unanimous 100% of the vote, EB4E has voted to oppose the recall and keep Gavin Newsom in the gubernatorial recall election on September 14. The recall is an attempt by Republicans to grab our state’s top executive office during a low turnout, off-year election. Recalling Newsom would result in a blow to many progressive policies that we support. We urge voters to mark No on the recall ballot.

All ballots for the AD 18 runoff election were mailed out by Monday, August 2. Ballots for the the gubernatorial recall election will be mailed out by Monday, August 16. Please vote both ballots and tell your family and friends!